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The Most Complete Methods of Improve Skin

Methods of Improve Your Skin
The Most Complete Methods of Improve Skin

There are some special health care efficacies for wash the face when you add "some materials" into water,such as including deoiling,anti-acne and moisturize,etc.but you should choose some right materials depending on skin conditions.
Rice vinegar not only can restrain skin from bacterial growth ,but also can change the skin's PH value and soften skin cutin layer.Besides,it can Make the skin pore unobstructed and decrease the occurrence of infectious skin disease.It is a cool health care way to drop 7 to 10 drops vinegar into water when washing your face, The best type of vinegar is natural Rice vinegar,and other types of vinegar are OK! It can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells and recover skin luster and elasticity for a long time usage.
Green tea can astringe skin and resist radiation and it contains tea polyphenols which has antioxidation to prevent skin aging.And as we known,tea can resist radiation,especially suitable for women who use computer for a long time,and it can restrain skin pigmentation and reduce allergic reaction.what's more, The tea's tannins role can relieve dry skin and are also very applicable for children with eczema. Tea polyphenol content is most in Green tea.So,you can often use water with green tea to wash a face that is a good choize.
Honey can be anti-aging and prevent dry, it includes a lot of Amino acids,enzyme, hormone ,vitamin and Carbohydrate components which can be absorbed by human body.Honey can promote skin's wound healing,anti-aging,and nourish your skin without drying.When people with dry skin or neuter skin wash their faces,they can add 2 ~ 3 honey drips into water,and gently tap the whole wet face,massage on face lightly for a few minutes that can make the skin bright and clean and delicate.While people with oily skin are not really suitable for using honey water to wash their faces.
Washing the face with salt can wipe off cutin and grease,firm skin and ease flush skin.It is suitable for oily skin.If you put two small spoons of salt into a pot of water to wash your face for about a week,it will present a sense of fresh and transparent on your face.Adding two small spoons of salt in a pot of water.
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