Monday, 22 August 2011

Beauty Tips: To make you look more beautiful

To make you look more Beautiful

Summary: Who doesn't want to look beautiful these days? People are ready to go to any extent to look beautiful. Top beauty products companies are encashing this hunger of people by providing them with products which promises them to make them look more beautiful than they are now. People are ready to spend any amount of money to look beautiful. Read on this article which tells you about some beauty tips on which you might have spent a lot of your hard earned money.
Every person tries really hard to maintain their beauty. God gives natural beauty to some people and people possessive about looking beautiful have develop their own way to do so. If you are beautiful, then confidence comes in you by itself. People these days are ready to spend any amount of money to buy top beauty products in the market and do not mind spending on beauty treatments and other stuff. Age does not matter if you want to look beautiful, all you need is a confidence, right guidance and a set of beauty tips to make you look more beautiful.
Some of the well known beauty tips are as follows: Wash your eyes regularly before you sleep in order to prevent them from dust and germs. Read the instructions given on various top beauty products before using them. Eye makeup should be done keeping in mind the overall look of the face. Subtle look should be kept during the day. In night you can go for heavy makeup. Do not go for cheap makeup solutions and always remove your makeup before going to sleep. Makeup should be used in minimum possible amount as it damages your skin. Avoid drugs, alcohol, smoking to keep your skin beautiful. A healthy lifestyle is the key to make you look more beautiful by each passing day. Exercise is a must in order to get toxins out of your body. Eat healthy food including a lot of fresh fruits daily.
These were some of the beauty tips which would definitely help you out if followed properly. A positive attitude is also very important to keep yourself beautiful. Always go for top beauty products and it would be even better if you go for herbal beauty products. Also with this, consult a beauty expert before getting any beauty stuff or going for any beauty treatment. Know your skin first and then work out accordingly.
By: Sansalgeel

Friday, 19 August 2011

The Most Complete Methods of Improve Skin

Methods of Improve Your Skin
The Most Complete Methods of Improve Skin

There are some special health care efficacies for wash the face when you add "some materials" into water,such as including deoiling,anti-acne and moisturize,etc.but you should choose some right materials depending on skin conditions.
Rice vinegar not only can restrain skin from bacterial growth ,but also can change the skin's PH value and soften skin cutin layer.Besides,it can Make the skin pore unobstructed and decrease the occurrence of infectious skin disease.It is a cool health care way to drop 7 to 10 drops vinegar into water when washing your face, The best type of vinegar is natural Rice vinegar,and other types of vinegar are OK! It can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells and recover skin luster and elasticity for a long time usage.
Green tea can astringe skin and resist radiation and it contains tea polyphenols which has antioxidation to prevent skin aging.And as we known,tea can resist radiation,especially suitable for women who use computer for a long time,and it can restrain skin pigmentation and reduce allergic reaction.what's more, The tea's tannins role can relieve dry skin and are also very applicable for children with eczema. Tea polyphenol content is most in Green tea.So,you can often use water with green tea to wash a face that is a good choize.
Honey can be anti-aging and prevent dry, it includes a lot of Amino acids,enzyme, hormone ,vitamin and Carbohydrate components which can be absorbed by human body.Honey can promote skin's wound healing,anti-aging,and nourish your skin without drying.When people with dry skin or neuter skin wash their faces,they can add 2 ~ 3 honey drips into water,and gently tap the whole wet face,massage on face lightly for a few minutes that can make the skin bright and clean and delicate.While people with oily skin are not really suitable for using honey water to wash their faces.
Washing the face with salt can wipe off cutin and grease,firm skin and ease flush skin.It is suitable for oily skin.If you put two small spoons of salt into a pot of water to wash your face for about a week,it will present a sense of fresh and transparent on your face.Adding two small spoons of salt in a pot of water.
By: The Beautiful Girls

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Beauty through the ages - the Wild Sixties

Beauty through the ages-the Wild Sixties

Beauty through the ages - the Wild Sixties

A time of hippies and Twiggy, bell-bottoms and mini-skirts
The 1960’s were as wild as the 50’s were conservative, with political and social upheaval and drastic changes in fashion, makeup, and overall style within a short span of time. The rebellion was originally led by youth on college campuses – the hippie generation, who believed in free love, recreational drugs, and communal living. They had a distinctive look, with loose fitting clothing, bell-bottom pants, and natural fabrics.
Women often went from one extreme to another; one day opting for micro-mini skirts and barely-there halter tops, and the next day donning floor length, shapeless ponchos and yards of fabric in flowing granny skirts. Fashion for the male generation in this group was flamboyant, often including unusual prints in bright colors, layers of clothing, and lots of headbands to hold back flowing hair. Love beads were layered around the neck and hoop earrings of all sizes were popular. Mood rings made their first appearance and many switched from golden hues to sterling silver.
Shoes were more functional than fashionable for both men and women. Both sexes regularly chose earthy-looking sandals or sturdy combat boots. The same applied to handbags, which were often handmade macramé totes rather than the small, compact clutches or handbags of the 50’s.
Hair was a crucial part of 60’s fashion. Flower children preferred to let their hair grow out and weren’t at all concerned with curling or styling their locks, and there was little difference between the way that men and women wore their hair. Long locks were in for both, and many took the look to the extreme. Hairstyles were, for the most part, lacking - long hair was often pulled back into braids or ponytails just to get it out of the way. Bandanas, kerchiefs, and headbands kept it from falling constantly into their eyes while buying another day or two before washing was necessary.
Hair wasn’t the only thing that much of the hippie generation refused to wash regularly. Suddenly, natural body odor was considered acceptable and many flower children conserved water and bucked the establishment by bathing less regularly. Makeup was simple; just lip gloss, or was avoided altogether. The emphasis was on peace and love and not on beauty and style.
While hippies represented the simple life, the rest of the 60’s generation was in tune with the modern craze created in England. Super model Twiggy’s short skirts and closely cropped hair, big wide eyes and unique modern fashion choices caught the attention of young women all over the world. While the flower children went for long hair, the modern woman just as often opted for a short pixie style instead. Wigs also became popular for those women who couldn’t quite achieve the overall look that they wanted. In particular, “falls,” which consisted of very long hair that was attached to the crown of the head and covered over with natural hair, were extremely popular.
While makeup for the hippie generation was simple, makeup for the modern woman was anything but. Foundation was often heavy and skewed lighter than the natural complexion. Blush or rouge, as it was still called by some, was heavy on the apples of the cheeks in a variety of pink shades. The eyes were a major focus for the 60’s. The bigger and wider the look, the better the woman felt about herself and her fashion style. False eyelashes were a must and sometimes included more than a single pair. Suddenly eyeliner was back in a big way. It closely resembled the style once worn by ancient Egyptians because it was drawn around the entire eye rather than just at the top or the bottom. Mascara finished off the heavy, severe look.
Lips were also important, and just about every woman wanted that perfect pouty look that was done so well by the models of the era. Lipstick colors were pale in an effort to make the lips look even bigger, with colors like pale pink and lavender the most popular shades. Some even incorporated a pearlized or silvery look. Natural colored lip liner helped to define the lips well and added fullness to smaller mouths that needed a little extra “oomph.”
Fashion for the other half of the 60’s world was very different from their hippie counterparts. While school fashions remained pretty conservative overall, hemlines certainly made a change; inching well above the knee for the first time since the Roaring 20’s. Outside of school, youth often opted for blue jeans and t-shirts. No longer plain in nature, the new “tee” carried a message - often against the establishment - a symbol of peace, or a colorful pattern. Tie-dye was popular across both sections of the 60’s population.
Those who still wore dresses or skirts headed toward the mini in order to show off as much leg as possible. Women became obsessed with becoming rail thin in order to mimic the most popular models of the day. Many physicians today believe that this decade gave birth to future generations of anorexic and bulimic young women who saw no other way to achieve their weight goal.
Polyester hit the marketplace and many chose it because the fabric required less overall care with regard to starching, ironing or drying; many simply dripped dry and were ready to wear again the next day. The new fabric also took bold colored dyes well and came in the popular psychedelic colors and patterns of the day.
Like their hippie counterparts, this group also liked sandals, although their choice leaned closer to over-exaggerated platforms. Go-go boots also made a major impact on the fashion world that would continue well into the 70's.
No other generation had such a dramatic impact on fashion and style. Many of the trends carried over into the 70’s and some are still popular today.
 Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky